Alternative rock band Wilco neither gives stadium concerts nor releases new hits on the radio every week. But their multifaceted music with country, indie and pop elements not first year conquers the grateful audience and the favor of critics. For 15 years they released eleven albums, changed several compositions of the musicians and won two Grammy. And their albums are still much expected.

Wilco was formed in Chicago in 1994 by vocalist Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirratt. Musicians began with alt-country, which was contrasted with common then commercial pop-country. Later they add to the music elements of alternative rock and pop-music.

Mass media paid attention to Wilco in 2002 after release of the 4th album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". It became the most successful work of the band – 670 thousand copies were sold. In two years, in 2004, the band won two Grammy – a just award for their 5th album "A Ghost is born", that firmly reserved for them place among indie-rockers. But unlike other indie-bands Wilco stay true to country motives in their music. It’s a brilliant example of independent band which has its own niche, where they can create what they like and even count on a Grammy Award.

Musicians had periods both ups and downs, but despite of difficulties Wilco continue to delight fans with new tracks and concert tours. In 2019 they released the 11th album "Ode to Joy", which is full of fresh emotions, lyrical motives and self-confidence. This work has opened a new page of the band history.